watercolour and pen drawing of a supermarket car park

I'm Jugular Malloy. I'm a writer, performer, independent student of theatre and all round rebrobate based in South London (with a long history of other nonsense). I have written some Tiny Plays licensed under Creative Commons, that means they're free to read and free to perform for non-commercial purposes.

I'm interested in the conflict between who we are when we're just being weird little chubby apes and who we are when we're performing our roles under Racial Sexual Capitalism and what that does to us. So I'm obsessed with cops and fascism, but I'm more obsesessed with who we are despite the systems we live under, the weird shit we get up to, kink and roadside memorials, dressing up and anarchist collectives, y'know, the weeds that grow through the cracks in the road... Dandelions Regardless.

This website is handmade on neocities with cyberpunk Free Internet principles in mind. So it can look a bit scrappy. But there are no cookies, no trackers, just nice clean code. I will get around to sorting it out properly at some point, promise. :)

Farts and kisses,

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